A Facebook group for members & regular attendees of Calvary to bless others and to be blessed. You can post photos and descriptions of furniture, household items, electronics, tools, etc. that you are willing to give away for free.


No selling on the site will be allowed.

The Facebook group page is not run by the church office, so if you have a question or an issues, please do not contact the church office. Contact Laura Rodgers instead. 

Click here to visit the Facebook group page. Once on the page, you can request to join the group. 



Who can join the group?

Only members or regular attenders of Calvary can join the group. 

What if I know someone that could use an item posted? 

Feel free to claim the item for yourself and set-up pick-up yourself. After you have the item, you can give it to the person you know who was interested. 

I know someone who wants to give something away, can I post it? 

We ask that you only post items on the page that you have in your possession. 

How do I know if something is still available or not? 

Please check the comments on the post. If you are listing something, once an item is no longer available, please delete the post all-together or clearly post a comment stating the item is no longer available. 


Who is responsible for pick-up / delivery?

The person receiving the item is responsible to set-up a date/time to pick the item up. You may make arrangements with the person to see if the item can be delivered. If you need someone to pick-up an item for you, you may request help on the group page, but do not contact the church office for assistance. 

Can the church be used as a meeting point? 

Yes, you can use the church as a meeting point (ie. before or after a service) but do not bring items into the church buildings. Also, do not leave items inside or outside of the church for someone else to pick-up. 

Can I request an item? 

Yes, if you are looking for something, feel free to make a request. 

Who do I contact for help or an issue? 

Please contact Laura Rodgers, the page administrator. The church office does not run the page. 


Laura R.