Please join us this Sunday! Feel free to contact us with any other questions.

What Time?

Our two identical Sunday Morning Services are at 9:30 am and 11:00 am, plan to arrive a few minutes early and stop by our welcome center before heading into the auditorium. 

Where do I Park?

As a guest, please park in one of the paved lots closest to our church. 

Where do I Enter?

Come in through any of our 3 entries. If you enter at either the Office or West Entry, you will want to follow signs for the Main Lobby and visit the Welcome Center. Elevator access is available from our Main Lobby. Note, for security, during our services, doors may be locked. Simply head for the Main Entry where someone can let you in. 

Child Care

Child care is available for both of our Sunday Services. When you enter our main lobby, head straight back to the Nursery Check-In Counter. Plan to come 10-15 minutes early if it is your first time as we need to gather contact and allergy information for your children. You will be given a label that contains a security code. Please present that label when picking up your children at the end of the service/event. Our children's ministry workers have been screened and have completed a child safety course.

What Do I Wear?

Calvary is more of a relaxed atmosphere, so come just as you are; you will fit right in.

Where Can I Sit?

You are welcome to sit anywhere in our auditorium. Children in Pre-K through 6th grade should sit with you until they are dismissed before the last song. 

What Should I Expect During a Sunday Service?

As a guest, people may come up and talk with you, but you will never be called out or put on the spot. Prior to the service beginning, the band will play a song in the background and a countdown can be seen on the screens indicating when the service will begin. A pastor or deacon will open the service by welcoming everyone, providing any relevant announcements, and praying. The music team will play a few songs, lyrics will be on the screens and you are welcome to sing along or simply reflect on the words and music. A Bible passage will be read and shortly after, children will be dismissed to Calvary Kidz church. Pastor Mike or another one of our pastors will then teach a message based on the Bible and provide details on how to apply the scripture to our lives. Once a month, communion will take place. If you are new to church, don't feel obligated to take part in it, you can just remain in your seat, listen, and watch how we remember the death and resurrection of Jesus. After the service has concluded, please look for one of our pastors or deacons so we can officially meet you.

Does it Cost Anything?

No, you are our guest, there is no charge for anything. We do not pass an offering plate nor expect you to pay anything. You will see other ways to give via boxes or online, but that is for those who regularly attend our church and choose to give. 

Worship Style

Our church is multi-generational so our services consist of a blend of praise songs and hymns. Our musicians include singers, piano, guitars, drums, and other instruments.

What Version of the Bible Is Used?

We mainly use the English Standard Version (ESV). The NKJV, KJV, and NASB are also used at times. If you would like a free ESV Bible, please ask us for one at the Welcome Center.

What is the Church's Statement of Faith?

Please click here to view our statement of faith. If you have any questions, please stay after one of the services and talk to a Pastor or Deacon. 

How Do I Become a Member?

Membership is not required to attend Calvary. We do offer a membership class that meets quarterly during the 11:00 service (November, February, May. September).  If you are wanting to learn more about Calvary, our beliefs, or are interested in becoming a member. You are welcome to join this group or contact a pastor or deacon at anytime.

What's Next?

After visiting a few times, we would love it if you would join one of our Calvary Groups so you can get to better know other people at our church. Click here for more on Calvary Groups.