Join an amazing team of volunteers who want to evangelize the lost, edify believers, are equipped for service and exalt the name of Jesus Christ. 

Some items have certain requirements/commitments that are listed. 

Click here to sign-up to help or if you have any questions. 


Nursery / Child Care

When: Sundays, 9:30am-10:45am & 10:45am-12:15pm. Wednesdays, 6:30-8:30pm. 

Typical Rotation: one service/event per month. 

Ages: Infant-Toddler, 2-3yrs & Pre-K

Requirements: CSS, 13+ or 7th grader for 2-3yrs group, 16+ infant-toddler group. Experience with babies/children. 

Leader/Contact: Kathy B.

Children's Church - PRE-K

When: Sundays, 10:45-12:30pm

Typical Rotation: Every Sunday for 1 month out of a year

Ages: Pre-K (3-5yrs)

Requirements: CSS, 13+ or 7th grader to be a helper, a church member to be a teacher. Willingness to teach and have a heart for children. 

Leader/Contact: Karen L.

Children's Church - K-6th

When: Sundays, 10:45-12:30pm

Typical Rotation: one Sunday a month

Ages: K-6th grade

Requirements: CSS, 13+ or 7th grader to be a helper, a church member to be a teacher. Willingness to teach and have a heart for children. 

Leader/Contact: Robyn W.

Awana Club Leaders

When: Wednesdays, 6:30-8:45pm

Commitment: 2-3 hours a week. Optional quarterly events: 2-3 hours. 

Ages: Pre-K, K-2nd grade, 3rd-4th grade & 5th-6th grade

Requirements: CSS, 18+, a church member. Willingness to be a positive example to and have a heart for children. 

Ministry Web Page: www.CalvaryLEH.org/awana

Leader/Contact: Pastor Dave

Life Groups Teacher (Sunday School)

When: Sundays, 9:30-10:30am

Commitment: Every Sunday morning 

Ages: Pre-K, K-2nd grade, 3rd-6th grade

Requirements: CSS, 18+, a church member. Willingness to teach and have a heart for children. 

Leader/Contact: Pastor Dave / Robyn W.

** What is CSS? - Child Safety Screening 

CSS is our standard screening/training process for those who work with anyone under the age of 18. 

To be eligible we must know you: you must be a regular church attendee for a minimum of 6 months or a church member. 

You will fill out a packet and will provide 3 references. We will then contact your references and run a full background check on you. Once we have received positive recommendations from the provided references, and have a cleared background check, you will attend a child safety training class provided here at the church to go over our rules and recommendations. 

Once all of the above is complete, you can then work with a current experienced volunteer/staff member with children. 

If you sign-up to work with children and have not completed the items listed above, the church office will contact you and walk you through the CSS process. 


First Impression Team (Sunday Morning Greeters)

When: Sundays, 9:15am-11:10am. 

Typical Rotation: once a month.

Requirements: Friendly, outgoing, 13+, regular attendee

Details: the first person someone meets when entering the building is you, you must greet everyone and hand out bulletins to those who want them. If someone is new, show them around and let them know when the service starts. If they have children, take them to the nursery counter and let a CE rep take it from there. 

Leader/Contact: Aaron C. / Carol M.

Music Ensemble / Band

When: Sunday Morning Service (be ready by 10:50am).

Practices: Everyone: Sundays 9-9:30am. Plugged-in instruments: Most Saturdays 9-10am, Sundays 8:45-9:30am.

Requirements: Make practices as listed above, read sheet music or chord sheets, basic to moderate experience, desire to practice at home and to perform to the best of your ability. If you are not comfortable playing during a service, you can come to our practices to start. For lead roles, we will need to interview you ahead of time. Same goes for anyone interested in singing, please sign-up and we can then schedule a time to meet with you.

Leader/Contact: Pastor Dave

Audio / Visual Team

When: Sundays 8:45am-9:30am & 10:45-12:30pm, as needed for Saturday practices 9-10am

Typical Rotation: 2 Sundays a month for soundbooth, or as needed for extra set-up/clean-up or troubleshooting. 

Requirements: church member or teen ministry team member, basic A/V experience, willingness to learn, tech savvy, able to stay focused, at times multitask, and a desire to push yourself.

Details: we have many different positions, but are currently seeking adults who are willing to learn and help with running wires, learning to troubleshoot all aspects of the A/V system, and camera operators. 

We can also use help with individuals who learn the A/V for the classrooms and can help set-up or troubleshoot as needed.

Leader/Contact: Aaron C.


Library - Database Entry

When: Anytime during office hours

Requirements: basic computer skills

Details: we have books that need to be entered into our library database software, stickers printed and placed on/in books, and general organization and sorting through books in our library before we can officially open it. 

Leader/Contact: Sue L.


When: Sunday Morning Service 

Typical Rotation: once every 3 weeks

Requirements: male 16+, church member or teen ministry team member

Details: ushers pass the offering plates and also assist people (especially guests) to find available seating. 

Leader/Contact: Randy B. / Dave J.


Indoor Adult Basketball - Registration 

When: Sundays 6-8pm

Commitment: Most Sundays

Requirements: CSS, basic computer knowledge (you will be trained on the system), friendly & outgoing 

Details: We are looking for someone to help check-in those who attend and register those who are new for basketball in our computer system, gather and keep track of liability waiver, and to talk and be friendly to those who attend. 

Ministry Web Page: www.CalvaryLEH.org/basketball

Leader/Contact: Pastor Kevin

Indoor Adult Basketball - Leader

When: Sundays 6-8pm

Commitment: Most Sundays

Requirements: CSS, general understanding of Basketball, friendly & outgoing 

Details: We are looking for someone to help run/ref the basketball ministry. You will be working along side of Pastor Kevin.

Ministry Web Page: www.CalvaryLEH.org/basketball

Leader/Contact: Pastor Kevin 

Celebrate Recovery

When: Sundays 6-7:15pm

Commitment: Most Sundays

Requirements: a caring heart to work with and mentor those struggling with addictions. 

Details: Lead / Co-Lead a group of individuals who are or who have struggled with addiction. You will be trained and work along side Pastor Mike to start. 

Ministry Web Page: www.CalvaryLEH.org/celebrate-recovery

Leader/Contact: Pastor Mike 

Community Meal

When: Dinner: First Tuesday of most months. Additional times for prep/clean-up.

Typical Rotation: once a month

Requirements: regular attendee, must follow all sanitary rules as per health dept

Details: we serve 100-200 people a month and we can use help for meal prep, set up & break down of tables/chairs, serving food, and cleaning after event.

Ministry Web Page: www.CalvaryLEH.org/kitchen

Leader/Contact: Michelle D.

Food Pantry / Clothes Closet

When: Sundays 6-7pm, Tuesdays 11am-1pm, Tuesdays 7-8pm

Typical Rotation: once a month for 2 hours

Requirements: friendly, regular attendee 

Details: you help those in need who come to get food or clothing, file basic paperwork of those who attend, keep areas neat and clean. 

Leader/Contact: Larry K.

Clothes Closet (only)

When: Sundays 6-7pm, Tuesdays 11am-1pm, Tuesdays 7-8pm, as needed to sort & organize clothes

Typical Rotation: once a month or as needed

Requirements: friendly, regular attendee

Details: we need individuals to work with just the clothing, help people find clothes and also fold and keep things neat. At times we also need additional help sorting through donated clothes and changing the selection of clothes over for different seasons. 

Leader/Contact: Jo Z.


When: as needed

Requirements: church member, spiritually strong, a love for those who are hurting 

Details: there are many people who need to talk, need guidance and advice. We need volunteers to come along side of these people, to meet, talk, pray and guide them. 

Leader/Contact: Pastor Mike 

Seacrest Nursing Home

When: Second Sunday of the month, 2:00-3:00pm. 

Requirements: church attendee, loving heart for the elderly 

Details: Join us to sing hymns/choruses & chat with residents. A short devo is also shared.

Leader/Contact: Holly W.

Contact Ministries (formerly: Sick & Shut-In Ministry)

When: anytime 

Details: Visit 1 person a week / Write 2 people every week / Call 3 people each week / Pray 4+ times a week for one individual. Do one, do all, your call. 

Leader/Contact: Jan D.


Church Van Cleaning / Routine Maintenance 

When: anytime as needed

Requirements: Experience with basic automotive repairs 

Details: we need an individual or two to take over the regular cleaning of the inside and outside of our 3 Ford e-350 vans along with performing basic maintenance (air in tires, windshield wiper fluid, etc.), tracking  and scheduling needed routine maintenance (fluid changes, tire rotation, etc.) with local repair shops, taking vans to get gas, and keeping record logs of work completed.  **cleaning and maintenance can be a split job between multiple people** 

Leader/Contact: Aaron C. / Jo Z.

Spackle & Painting

When: anytime during office hours

Requirements: Experience with patching, sanding & painting. 

Details: we can always use help with patching and painting walls, railings, etc. around the building. 

Leader/Contact: Aaron C.

Outdoor - Grounds

Throughout the year, we always need help keeping up with items such as weeding, edging sidewalks, weed-wacking, hedge trimming, power washing, leaf clean-up, and more. 

Leader/Contact: Trustee Board


We could use someone as an on-call plumber for when we have issues at the church. 

Leader/Contact: Clark L.


We have one, but could use a second person as an on-call electrician when we have issues at the church. 

Leader/Contact: Clark L.


Light Bulbs

When: anytime during office hours

Requirements: No fear of heights, willing to learn and follow safety regulations to use our lift and tall ladders.

Details: We could use volunteers to change light bulbs as needed. Person would also keep track of stock and inform office of needed replacements. 

Leader/Contact: Trustee Board / Aaron C.

General Cleaning / Organizing 

Sometimes the custodians could use extra help with special cleaning projects around the church. 

Examples are cleaning/sorting through storage closets and a top-to-bottom major cleaning of the kitchen. 

Leader/Contact: Jo Z.


Children's Christmas Musical

When: Performance: Christmas Eve. Practices: Sundays & Tuesdays 6-7pm in the weeks leading up to the musical. 

Requirements: CSS, 13+, experience in production is a plus, crafty/artsy for stage design/costumes is also a plus. 

Details: we specifically need help with stage construction & design, costumes, and helping kids learn their lines. 

Contact: This is a special event, so please contact Pastor Dave directly via email

Easter EGGstravaganza 

When: A Wednesday Night or Saturday Morning near Easter

Requirements: CSS, 13+

Details: we specifically need help with packing candy in and hiding Easter eggs, clean-up, and registration tables

Contact: This is a special event, so please contact Pastor Dave directly via email.

Vacation Bible School

When: 9am-12pm, Monday to Friday the first full week of August. Closing Program & BBQ the Sunday following VBS. 

Requirements: CSS, 13+, regular attendee

Details: VBS is by far our biggest event of the year and we need help in many different areas. Please visit the VBS page 1-2 months prior to VBS to sign-up to help and see how you can help. 

Ministry Web Page: www.CalvaryLEH.org/vbs

Leader/Contact: Pastor Dave

VBS July 4th Parade Coordinator 

When: Days/weeks prior to the parade

Requirements: 18+, regular attendee

Responsibilities: work with a team to design and construct a patriotic themed float for the July 4th parade

Contact: This is a special event, so please contact Pastor Dave directly via email.


Sunday Morning Van Driver / Assistant 

When: Sundays 8:45-9:30am & 12:15-1pm. 

Typical Rotation: weekly (unless we get multiple teams to drive)

Requirements:  Driver: CSS, 23+, experience driving 12/15 passenger vans, agree to our van driver policy & have a driver license background check completed.  Assistant: CSS, 18+

Leader/Contact: Pastor Mike Dellaperute

Set-up & Breakdown Crew

When: before & after community meals & other special events

Typical Rotation: before/after the community meal (1st Tuesday of the month) and as needed for special events. 

Requirements: church attendee, physically able to carry 5-8ft plastic tables and lift & stack metal chairs. Must do work in a safe and organized fashion (following location tags for tables and following room charts for chair set-up). 

Details: this is something new we are starting, so along with volunteers to do the work, we are in need of an individual or two to be in charge of this ministry. 

Leader/Contact: Pastor Mike & Michelle Dellaperute

Library Staff

When: Sundays during the Coffee Fellowship time & after the Morning Service (additional times may be added)

Typical Rotation: once a month

Requirements: church attendee, friendly, basic computer experience

Details: Once we officially open our library, we would like an individual to be present during open hours to help those looking for books, checking-in/out books and keeping the room organized. 

Leader/Contact: Sue Lescure


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